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Windows Azure Cache Extension Library

Data Structures

The following data structures are supported by the current version. All data structures support both Windows Azure Cache and Windows Table Storage as backend by default, and you can add support of other backend by implementing additional Data Providers. More data structures, as well as more Data Providers, are to be added in future versions.

Arrays (read more)

A collection of items that you can access via a long-typed index. You can read/write individual array item, and you can iterate through the array just as operating a local array.

Circular Buffers (read more)

A Circular Buffer is a fixed-sized data structure that a sender can add messages to. As the sender adds more messages when the buffer is full, the oldest items will be replaced with new items

Cloud Tables (read more)

A Cloud Table provides an abstraction layer over Windows Azure Table Storage. It allows you to access tables using POCO types without using specifalized types such as TableEntity, TableOperation and TableQuery, etc.

Cubes (read more)

A Cube is a simple, easy-to-use OLAP cube that quickly answers multi-dimensional analytical (MDA) queries.

Queues (read more)

A Queue is a FIFO data structure that allows you to transmit messages from on application to another.

Sync Roots (read more)

A Sync Root is a data structure that provides a global lock that can be shared by multiple services and applications over the Internet.

Data Providers

WACEL is adaptive to diverse requirements on Performance, Availability and Consistency of different projects. WACEL achieves this goal by supporting a flexible, extensible Data Provider model. By switching to different Data Providers, your applications and services can use Windows Azure Cache or Windows Table Storage as backend. You can also chain multiple Data Providers together to enable advanced scenarios such as failover, scaling, and replication, etc. read more...

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