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exception when running Microsoft.Ted.Wacel.QuickStarts


I get exception "Method not found: 'Void Microsoft.ApplicationServer.Caching.DataCache..ctor()
in Microsoft.Ted.Wacel.Cache.Array<int> array = new Microsoft.Ted.Wacel.Cache.Array<int>("my_array", long.MaxValue);

Object browser shows that there is para,eterless constructor for datacache.

I have checked that Microsoft.applicationserver.Caching files are same that comes from WindowsAzure.Cache 2.2 nuget package.

This extension library is very interesting but unfortunately i cannot test it. I would like to implement cacheprovider and tableprovider so that i could cache part of writes in order to get fast read.

any suggestions?


petri pehkonen


pehkope wrote Feb 19, 2014 at 7:56 AM

This seems to be related to overall Azure.Caching support in my machine. I can't run any Cache sample in my machine. Same samples works in another machine. I have appfabric bits installed but i have also windows 8.1 and it does not allow appfabric to run but also it does not allow to uninstall those.


Petri Pehkonen